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Our Job: make your job…optional!

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Retirement Planners Serving Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Jacksonville Retirement Planners

Many people spend longer in retirement than they actually spend working!

Retirement is not the end of the road - but the beginning of a new and exciting life chapter! Just as your life will change when you retire, you must also make occasional changes to your retirement plan to stay on track. Examples of how we help clients improve their chances of a successful retirement are listed below.


Can I Retire?

This is the most common question we help clients answer every day.

When can I retire? How can I retire by a certain age? If I'm not on track - what must I do to get there? Am I saving enough? Am I invested correctly? What can I do to improve my situation?

And finally - as that day approaches ... "OK, I think I'm ready to retire… help me do it... correctly!" We have helped hundreds of clients successfully retire… and odds are, we can help you.

"Our JOB is to make your job... OPTIONAL!"

Ponte Vedra Retirement Planners

Retirement Tax Strategies

No matter how well your investments do... if you just give that excess return to Uncle Sam... that return is wasted! Tax laws change often, affecting how to best generate retirement income. Many strategies which were optimal only a few years ago are ineffective today.

We keep up with the changes, study hard to understand how to best incorporate those changes within your plan, and help you adjust as necessary.

Examples of strategies we help our clients employ include tax harvesting, cost basis reset, systematic Roth conversions, the "backdoor Roth," tax free income, Charitable RMD's, and others.


optimal social security options

Comparing Social Security options - and choosing the best one for you - may net you many thousands of dollars more than simply drawing Social Security when you are first eligible. For couples who have large age differences, optimizing Social Security can be critical because the difference in survivor benefits after the first spouse passes away can be life changing.

Working as a team, we help our clients make these retirement planning decisions by performing this analysis before they ever file for their Social Security benefits. Often, when they file for their Social Security, they have a report we prepared for them, detailing the strategy they should use to get the most benefit from Social Security - based upon their unique situation.

Healthcare in Retirement

Health Care in Retirement

Many people delay their retirement because they are not yet eligible for Medicare, wasting valuable years of their lives working and wishing for retirement, instead of retiring while they are young and healthy enough to travel and remain physically active.

Sometimes this delay is unnecessary. If they have planned and saved for retirement - they may easily afford the health insurance that Medicare and Medicare supplements will eventually provide. We can identify if this is the case for you -- perhaps early retirement needn't be held up because of health insurance costs.

Once you have retired, your health will likely change over time, which may suggest changes in your health insurance,  Medicare, or Medicare Supplemental plans. 

Knowing which plan to have and when you can change, may save you thousands of dollars over the course of your retirement. Money saved on health care or health insurance is just as green, and spends just as well, as excess return in your investments. Savings on health care translate into a more, enjoyable retirement lifestyle, or a retirement portfolio that lasts longer because of smaller withdrawals to pay for healthcare in retirement.


Special Needs Financial Planning

You (or a family member) may need assistance with living with a disability or performing daily living activities. It may be possible to qualify for tax breaks, Medicaid Waiver, Special Needs Scholarships (such as the McKay Scholarship), disability income, veteran's benefits, or social security benefits that you are not even aware of.

Our professional network includes attorneys who are approved by the Veteran's Administration to assist with claiming VA benefits for long-term care (the Aid & Attendance and Housebound Pension) for you or for your elderly parents who have served our country during the appropriate time frames. We can work with you and your elder law attorney to structure your finances to qualify for these benefits when available.


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