our fees are designed to be cost effective for comprehensive, ongoing relationships

We encourage you to see for yourself if PARAGON is right for you.


Fees & Service Models

Managed Asset Level, in US DollarsAnnual % Fee
0 - 1,000,000 1.25% on first 1,000,000
1,000,000 - 2,500,0001.00% on next 1,500,000
2,500,000 - 5,000,0000.40% on next 2,500,000

PARAGON is currently offering comprehensive Wealth Management Relationships, which include Financial Planning and Wealth Management Services at no additional cost, for clients with portfolios of $1,000,000 and above.

Most clients pay their fees directly from their accounts and see no impact on their monthly cash flow.  Our goal is to keep your total investment costs (including "expense ratios" ) as low as possible to maximize your return.  PARAGON’s portfolio expense ratios are as low as 0.14% annually - less expensive than most mutual funds found in 401k plans.

Fee Table Calculations

We realize that “tiered” fee structures can be confusing.  Please reference the chart to your right to quickly estimate fees for portfolios of varying sizes. The fee percentage shown includes Recession Protocol™, and all of the Wealth Management services on our Wealth Management page.

$2 Million 1.13%
$3 Million0.98%
$4 Million0.84%
$5 Million0.75%
$7.5 Million0.63%
$10 Million0.58%
CFP Fees

our fee schedule is tiered, and is very cost effective.

For example, the aggregate annual fee on a $5 Million portfolio is only 0.75% because the last $2.5 Million is only charged 0.4%, and includes ALL comprehensive wealth management services, including Recession Protocol™ at no additional charge.

With PARAGON's low cost portfolios, the total cost of PARAGON's services, including investment costs, may be lower than the cost of many equity mutual funds you would invest in on your own.* Sometimes, after a thorough cost analysis of a perspective client's existing portfolio - becoming a PARAGON client may actually cost less than staying where you are!


Occasionally, a client may not have significant assets available to transfer to our custodians (Fidelity Institutional, or TD Ameritrade Institutional) for management - but would still benefit from ONGOING wealth management. Perhaps their money is "tied up" in 401(k) plans, private business accounts, dynasty trusts or foundations, or they are high income earners desiring to build wealth. If this is your situation, we may still work together. We can provide our services for a negotiated retainer that is agreeable to both parties. It works very similar to a subscription to any other service, and can be paid by bank draft, credit card, or invoice.


We DO NOT offer an "hourly fee" or a "project fee" (pay for a financial plan) option

We have designed our firm to provide ongoing wealth management services at an extremely cost-effective price. Our services are for clients who desire continuous wealth management, and wish to delegate the complex tasks of investment management to a professional firm, and then oversee it from an "owner" standpoint.

CFP Services

we are proud that our fees are highly competitive for the level of service that we offer.

However, we do not offer an "hourly" or "pay for a plan" service.

We offered those options in the past, and watched those clients lag behind our other clients in virtually every area of financial success. So, we eliminated that service option.

Chasing “one-off” projects can significantly distract a firm from delivering an extraordinary ongoing experience to all clients, all the time.


  • Cannot ensure their recommendations are implemented correctly and cannot monitor the results of their recommendations

  • Cannot provide accurate performance reporting

  • Cannot respond effectively to rapid market or economic changes

  • Do not invest in the infrastructure and technology necessary to maximize portfolio returns and minimize errors

  • Cannot properly service accounts in the event of a client's death or incapacity

  • Cannot be vigilant, or proactively protect clients against fraud or elder abuse

  • Have no relationship with client family members at a time when that relationship may be critical

  • Rarely coordinate with a client's other professional advisors (CPA, attorney, etc)

  • Deliver a lower level of client service because they are distracted by time-consuming "one-off" projects instead of proactively focusing on their clients' well-being

  • Report that clients avoid calling, emailing, returning phone calls, or asking questions because they don't want to get a bill for the adviser's time.

Trustworthy Wealth Managers

if you are paying a firm By the hour - how truly concerned are they about your wealth?

If you pay an advisor an hourly rate - or a commission - you pay them either way, so what do they care if your investments grow or shrink?

On the other hand, a fiduciary firm whose income is dependent upon their clients' success is far more likely to be in tune with the markets and economic factors which your drive investment growth - or may prevent massive market losses.

*Investment Company Institute Factbook www.icifactbook.org