Specialized Financial Planning and Advice for Physicians, Dentists, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, and Other Members of the Healthcare Industry


As a medical professional, your financial situation is often more complex than that of most individuals. It requires the guidance of wealth managers with experience in specializing in financial advice for doctors, physicians, dentists, and the entire profession.

Those complexities often include:

  • Working as a healthcare professional may frequently expose you to lawsuits, so protecting your assets is just as important as growing them.

  • Many of you run your own medical practices, so you have to think about employees, payroll, business taxes, optimizing retirement plans, deferred compensation, health insurance, and the litany of coordination and execution that has to take place to make the business run smoothly.

As business owners ourselves, we understand these critical business functions – most of which have little or nothing to do with the actual practice of medicine – must function effectively in order for you and your team to deliver top quality care to your patients.  A number of our physician clients also own their office building or surgery center, the handling of which must also be considered for optimal results.


Furthermore, skilled medical professionals are often employees with one or more organizations. They may also have their own company through which they:

  • Consult

  • Perform medical services such as Emergency Room or Urgent Care Clinic rotations

  • Teach or write

  • Innovate medical instruments or procedures

  • Conduct research

Doing all these things, coordinating your retirement benefits, and maximizing your financial picture all the while can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and frustrating.

We understand these challenges. Our team structure and state-of-the-art financial technology allow us not only to understand and help coordinate the big picture of your finances, but also to deploy deep knowledge and specialized skills in asset accumulation, asset protection, and comprehensive wealth management on your behalf.

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PARAGON is proud to be a part of MD Preferred, the only comprehensive online resource center for doctors and healthcare professionals. We are uniquely qualified to work with medical professionals, given our training and our experience with our existing client base. We understand that managing a practice, working in a hospital, keeping up with your continuing education, and caring for others is a full-time job, making it difficult to properly manage your finances as well. Just as your patients trust you as the expert looking out for their best interests, our clients rely on us to be their financial experts. And as fiduciaries, we are committed to always acting in your best interest.